Stonecreek Friesians


Volkert - Ster

A Star gelding born out Wiepke, sired by Brandus 345, who was our first mature gelding we worked with and got us excited about showing. 
Volkert has done a lot of different shows from local fairs to showing major shows.
He enjoys driving single, pair with Rico and four in hand.
He especially enjoys showing off with our Coach.


Rico - Ster

     A Star gelding sired by Brandus 345 out of Evalien Ster, born in 2005.
Rico received the Star status at the Keuring where he also became the Champion of the geldings of Ontario 2009. 
Rico has very strong rear quarters, allowing his front end to reach far. 
He has a great presence and loves to show, it looks like he dances when he trots by! 
Together with his half brother Volkert they make a striking team.  They make up one of our best pairs of horses, and in the 4 in hand.



Remko Ster

     A Star gelding sired by Brandus 345, out of Wilke and born in 2004. He received his star status at the 2009 keuring in Ontario. 
Remko is a tall, classic style Friesian horse, with flowing strong gaits. 
Remko loves to please and is such a joy to work with.
Together with Vincent they make up our best pair, we have competed with at the CAA Carraige Classic, Walnut Hill and the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.
They are also our gracious leaders for our 4 in hand, both for coaching and marathon.


A gelding by Nanning 374 out of Coline and born in 2005.
He is an amazing horse, he has a smart personality. 
Together with Remko they make up our best team.
He is always available and will do anything, from leading in the 4 in hand and unicorn or being a wheeler
He has a very strong and beautiful trot, and walk and is dressed up with a stunning mane and tail.