Stonecreek Friesians introduces

the brood mares…

Wiepke - Ster

A Star broodmare who was inherited from Gerbens father when he past away. Her dam is Star-double preferent mare headed by three more Ster –Preferent dams.  
Wiepke has had many foals, and is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.
She has been used a lot for riding, driving and is the mother to many offspring with 1st premie babies and Stars. 
Wiepke is currently enjoying a well deserved retirement.


Olga - Crown!   

Full papered, Crown mare sired by Sape 381. 
Olga received this prestigious status in 2010 after passing her IBOP test at the Keuring as a six year old. 
Olga also received the Reserve Championship of the Mares and the Reserve Day Champion at that Keuring in 2008 in Paris Ontario when she was received her provisional crown title. 
Olga has had her 2 fillies: Fiona a Star out of Onne 376 and Mindy by Doaitsen 420, and a colt Roland in also by Doaitsen 420 who recieved a 8.5 for trot at the keuring.


Laura - Ster

A full papered young Star mare sired by Tsjerk 328. 
She has had 2 colts:
Elvin sired by Brandus 345, and Lance sired by Doaitsen 420, and is 1st premie filly Nella also by Doaitsen 420.
She has a great mother line. 
Laura also enjoys driving, and has a very sweet personality.

Sandra - Ster

A young Star mare out of Brandus 345. 
Sandra became Star at the Keuring in 2008.
She is a great brood mare.

Sandra’s mother line has many Star, and Star preferents in her line.
She is also a great mare to work with.


Inez - Ster

A full papered Star broodmare out of Sape 381
Inez's first 2 offspring are Ster: Wiebren sired by Teade 392 and Ella from Tsjalke 397.
She has many more colts; Liam, and Marlow  and 1st Premie colt Patrick all by the stallion Doaitsen 420, and an amazing filly by Norbert 444 Tamara
Inez’s mother just became Preferent (=4 Star babies) after her younger sister also became Star. 


Minka Ster
Minka is a full papered Star mare out of Folkert 353 with a phenomenal mother line with a Star dam, and then six times Star-Preferent dams!  Minka has had a couple foals, a filly Elissa from Andries 415 in, a colt by Tsjalke 397 named Gosse .

Fiona - Ster

A Star mare sired by Onne 376 and out of our CROWN mare Olga born in 2009
She became Star at the Keuring 2012.


Ella - Ster

A Star mare sired by Tsjalke 397 and out of our amazing brood mare Inez Ster born in 2009
She became Star at the Keuring 2013.

She is excited to be part of our great breeding program


Elissa - Ster

A Star mare sired by Andries 415 and out of our Ster mare Minka.
She was born in 2009 and is excited to have her foals.
She became Star at the Keuring 2013.